The President of the Republic of Somaliland ceremony speech on the training of new units of the National Army

The president of the Republic of Somaliland, Mr. Muuse Biixi Abdi, shared a speech on the graduationday of the training for some of the national army who had been deployed in different institutions at the Cabdilaahi Soldiers in Darar-weyne area in the outskirts of North East of Hargeisa.The training ceremony of these soldiers were held by the Minister of defence, the commanders of the national army and the police, the teachers who were giving the training, and all have given talks to congratulate the youth who joined the national army who took part of the training, and they were advised to serve their community.

First of all, the commander of the national army of Somaliland, Supreme Gaas Nuux Ismail Taani who spoke there, gave details about the training of the army  and the different places they took from the people, and he understood that the nation has put a lot of effort into the army, and they need to help their country. He stressed the new recruits need to defend against the aggression of Puntland administration in Somaliland, and at the same time the nation is not tolerating the tragedy being carried on the country.Minister of Defense, Honorable Abdiqani Maxamuud Cateeye (Fariid), congratulated the soldiers who completed their training and their teachers, and pointed that they have joined the honorable forces who protect the rights and dignity of the citizens, and the enemies take the salaries easily.

The president of the Republic of Somaliland, Mr. Muuse Biixi Abdi who gave a very touching speech to the army, he first congratulated the army for the completed training, and he proved that the army is a symbol of peace and the places that are standing for the citizens to sleep peacefully, and he said, "I congratulate everyone very much. All the different national army who are ready day and night to make their people sleep peacefully and wake up, their wealth is peacefully, and our people develop. We congratulate the heroes of the different forces of the national army who are strong enough for their people's peace and future. "

The president explaining the value of the army to the youth who joined the army, he added, "You are the heroes of the national army, who were dying for its defense and its independence, you are the same as the heroes of SNM." 
The president of the Republic of Somaliland, Mr. Muuse Biixi Abdi briefly spoke about the work that is happening in some areas of Sool region, he mentioned that the conflict is in the Somaliland community, while he called for the intellectuals to end the issue and brotherhood. Said, "The conflict between Somaliland and Somaliland is one between Somaliland, and every country in the people of Somaliland counts something, and I say to the people of Sool are ready to solve the brotherhood and peace, and the losses that happened is enough to us to solve it peacefully, I call you all the wise. We have a strong advice for the one who wants peace and the one who doesn't want peace and is going to lose. "