Director of Policy and Planning Department: Mohamoud Abdirizak Abdi

This department plays a vital role in creating strong coordination mechanisms with MoD. The Policy and Planning department is responsible for the strategic planning, Yearly work-plan and evaluating Ministry's activities and priorities.The following are the functions of the Department of Planning, by section:




  • Coordination and supervision of the department’s sections.
  • Preparation and implementation of the department’s five year strategic plan and budget.
  • Preparation and implementation of the department’s annual plan and financial estimates.
  • Preparation of the department’s formal, periodic and other reports.
  • Preparation and implementation of the department’s risk management framework and  reporting.
  • Preparation and implementation of the department’s monitoring and evaluation system.
  • Coordination of capacity development for all the department’s staff.

Policy and Planning Section


  • Development of defence policy and other relevant policies, coordinated with other national policies and priorities; and the periodic review of policy.
  • Oversight of the implementation of policy, in order to ensure that the management and use of resources is effective, efficient and in line with legislation and government direction.
  • Preparation and implementation of the five year strategic plan for the MoD and National Army – the Defence Strategic Plan (DSP) – and budget, in line with the National Development Plan and other government policies.
  • Coordination of the MoD’s and National Army’s annual plans and budgets.
  • Liaison with other government departments, in particular MoNDP, and international partners on strategic planning and policy formulation.
  • Development of strategic plans for major defence resources (e.g. Army infrastructure and major equipment), including audit of current holdings and comparison against required force structure.
  • Preparation and support of Defence Development Committee (DDC) meetings.
  • Coordination of the annual report on the activities of the MoD and National Army.
  • Preparing and reviewing formal, periodic and other reports on MoD policy and planning.
  • Preparing a MoD manual on policy and planning.

The department is made up of four main sections:
•    Policy and Planning
•    Monitoring and Evaluation
•    Research and Statistics
•    Liaison and Reporting