Director of IT Department: Osman Hassan Amare 

The mandate of the Department of Information Technology is to manage and control the ICT Resources and services (including information) of the MOD.
The following are the functions of the Department of ICT, by section:
















  • Coordinate and supervise the department’s sections.
  • Prepare and implement the department’s Five –year strategic plan
  • Prepare and implement the department’s annual pal and budget.
  • Coordinate the department’s formal, periodic and other reports.
  • Prepare the department’s polices, guidelines and manuals.
  • Undertake the department’s risk management.
  • Manage the development of the department’s staff.
  • Liaise with ministry of communications and Technology (MOD IT) and ICT Staff in other ministries or government organization, in order to gain or share best practice in operation and management of ICT.
  • Advise MOD senior management of ICT.
  • Formulate and implement MoD ICT policy and guidelines.
  • Identify staff ICT needs and formulate ICT plans to meet those needs, in consultation with Directors and staff

Technical Support

  • Plan and manage the provision , Installations, updates and use of MOD IT  Equipment and services , including networking
  • Monitor, maintain and manage MOD It equipment and services in use in order to ensure performance and availability , record and report any abuse or unusual activity and corrective action taken
  • Provide technical advice to administration and finance  all Directors for the procurement, installation repair and replacement of it equipment and service , including updates to keep pace with technical  development and maintain appropriate record
  • Ensure the effectiveness and security and security of MOD it technical interface with other government ministries department and agencies and the army 

Database and systems

  • Formulate and implement MOD implement Mon ICT security policy and guidelines.
  • Provide technical advice to Administration & Finance and all Directors on theProcurement and maintenance of ICT security, including updates to keep pace With technical developments.
  • Advise all staff on ICT security and provide training where appropriate.
  • Investigate any potential breeches of ICT security, including the abuse or unusual use of ICT equipment or services; record and report the details and the corrective action taken.
  • Plan, maintain and verify Mood ICT system integrity and security ; implement Back-upend recovery procedures and sect/integrity controls.
  • Plan, manage and administer Mood IT databases; including database
  • Documentation, database tests and upgrader to ensure optimal database use and integrity.
  • Support and advise MoD staff in the maintenance, update and installations    




Network and security

  • Creating different ways to solve the existing threats and security issues.
  • Configuring and implementing intrusion detection systems and firewalls.
  • Testing and checking the system for weaknesses in software and hardware.
  • Maintaining firewalls, virtual private networks, web protocols, and email security.
  • Creating virus and threat detection systems.
  • Configuring and installing security infrastructure devices.
  • Investigating intrusion and hacking incidents, collecting incident responses, and carrying out forensic investigations