By 2027, the Ministry of Defence should be a fully functional ministry, effective, accountable and transparent, working in close coordination with other ministries and organisations. It should have addressed, completely or in part, several key issues, including protective security, explosive hazard management, insecurity in Eastern Somaliland, defence resource management and Army personnel management.

The following objectives are set to make progress towards this goal;

  • Ensure that Defence activities undertaken in accordance with appropriate legislation.
  • Develop MoD, Army and Military Courts as effective, accountable and transparent public institutions (in accordance with NDP II, Governance Goal 16-7).
  • Develop effective Defence external coordination with other ministries and partners which enables collaborative work and increases national defence.
  • Develop protective security protocols and capability for Defence, as a basis for a wider government response.
  • Develop an enduring national capability for explosive hazards management.
  • Reduce insecurity in eastern Somaliland.
  • Improve the management and employment of Army personnel.