Director of Internal Audit Department: Maxed Cawil Xaashi

Maxed Cawil Xaashi is the current director of the internal audit department, he has more than 8 years of experience in Finance and Auditing in both public and private entities. In addition, he possess a Degree in Accounting and Finance. Inaddition he has obtained a Masters Degree on Public Financial Management at Ethiopian Civil Service University.

The responsibility of internal audit department is designed to review and evaluate the activities and operations of the Ministry of defence and national army functions, activities, departments, or unit under review. Audit department will evaluate accounting controls, ensure compliance with ministry of defence policies and procedures, applicable laws and regulations and validate the records and accounting balances of auditee. Internal audit department also work in coordination with external audits to ensure adequate audit coverage and to minimize duplicate efforts

Sections of the department:

  • Financial & operational audit 
  • System and Compliance Audit 
  • Risk Management Audit