Message from the Minister

Minister of Defence

Dear Guests, Media Representatives

We work for a secure and prosperous Somaliland with global reach and influence. We will protect our people, territories, values and interests at home and overseas, through strong armed forces and in partnership with allies, to ensure our security, support our national interests and safeguard our prosperity.

- Minister Abdiqani Mohamoud Aateye

About MOD


The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Somaliland (MoD) (Somali: WasaaraddaGaashaandhigga Somaliland) (Arabic: وزارةالدفاع‎) is a member of the Somaliland cabinet and the head of the Ministry of Defence. responsible for implementing the defence policy set by Government of Somaliland and directs the activity of the Ministry. The Defence Minister exercises day-to-day administrative and operational authority over the armed forces. The current Minister of Defence is Abdiqani Mohamoud Aateye

Our Vision : To have the Somaliland as one of the best countries in the world in achieving Safety and Security.

Our Mission : To work effectively and efficiently towards enhancing the quality of life in the Somaliland community, through smart delivery of safety and security services within an innovation-driven environment to protect lives, honors, and properties.

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