The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Somaliland (MoD) was founded in 1991, is an executive agency established in conformity with the Somaliland Constitution and Law “On the Structure, Authority and Activity of the Somaliland Government”.  Defence Ministry carries out state policy in the ground of defence within its scope of competence as determined by the applicable legislation of Somaliland. Its responsible for implementing the defence policy set by Government.The Ministry of Defence is charged with coordinating and supervising all agencies and functions of the government relating directly to nationl security and the National Army and Army Forces Courts.The Ministry formulate, implement and review defence policy in pursuit of national interests in line with the constitution and laws of Somaliland and other governments policies. Provide strategic direction and control for the army, including force planning and resource management.

The organisations and personal of the defence sector will be an example of excellence in Somaliland through being accountable efficient and effective in the accomplishment of their duties to the highest standards.

The mission of the defence sector is to protect the state of Somaliland its sovereignty,people,territory and democratic government.

The following are the core values of the Somaliland Defence Sector:

  • Rule of law
  • National unity
  • Accountability
  • High standards

The core functions of the Somaliland Defence Sector are derived from the legal mandate set out in the Constitution (specifically Article 123) and Law 44/2015 (specifically Article 44):

1. Protect and defend from external threats the state of Somaliland, its sovereignty, people, territory and democratic government.

2. Assist the other armed forces and government departments in the provision of security to the state of Somaliland. This includes:
  • Support to the Police in the event of public disorder, internalinsecurity, clan conflict, terrorism or the requirement to protect key locations.
  • Support to the Immigration and Police forces in the control of borders.
  • Support required in the event of a disaster or state of emergency.
  • Exchange of relevant threat information with other national armed forces and security agencies.

3. Support the people of Somaliland in the event of disaster or state of emergency, in coordination with other government departments.

4. In coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), maintain good relationships with the defence sectors of neighbouring and other states, and the international community, including defence cooperation on common security issues.