Delagation from the Ministry of Defence inspect the mines in Gabiley that are being cleared by Halo Trust

The General Director of Ministry of Defense Mr. Mustafe Cumar Faarax with the Director of the the department of Mine Action Mr. Jaamac Koosaar went to the inspection of the mining area in Gabiley.

The Ministry received a warm welcome by the Programme Manager of Halo Trust Callum Gibbs and the Co-ordinator of Ministry of Defence coordinator of Halo Trust Khadar Qalinle.

The Inspection was very fruitful where in which both parties seek to strengthen ties to coordinate future projects together through mutual cooperation.

During the visit the Ministry were informed of the varouis work conducted by Halo Trust which were very informative and educational.

The Director General of Ministry of Defense Mr. Mustafe Cumar Faarax has finally thanked the workers of the Mine Action department of Ministry of Defense and Halo Trust for the good work and the training they are doing in Gabiley mines.